Cameron James & I - the inspiration behind the Mitten Kitchen.

Cameron James & I - the inspiration behind the Mitten Kitchen.

About The Mitten Kitchen

Welcome! My name is Shawna, and I am the creator of The Mitten Kitchen. I am a small town girl from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan living in Chicago.  I'm a self-taught, mom-taught, grandma-taught cook. All my life I have found myself drawn to the kitchen - give me some good music, a glass of wine, a new recipe and I am a happy girl.

When my very pregnant best friend called me last year and asked me to help stock her freezer before her little boy Cameron made his debut I was more than excited to plan the menu and help out. While we caught up and told stories at a Gilmore Girls pace the idea to do this for other new moms came about. Kerry reminded me of four important things about myself: I love cooking, babies, helping others- and I hate the typical 9a-5p job- and so The Mitten Kitchen was created.

I am here to make you feel like super mom! Even though you're exhausted you can still have dinner on the table or banana bread when your friend shows up to meet that baby- nobody has to know you didn't make it, it can be our little secret :)

Not a soon to be mom or mom at all but your kitchen wants some love and your freezer needs some company? I can help you feel like superwoman too!